It’s official ― Fat Bear Week has chosen its glorious queen for 2019.

After a thrilling week of tough rivalry, 435 Holly claimed the crown for the annual competition, organized by the Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska. 

The competition, which is now in its fifth year, allows voters on Facebook to celebrate the biggest bear from Alaska’s Brooks River by liking their favorite fatty each day for a week.

“There is no shame in winning this contest as large amounts of body fat in brown bears is indicative of good health and strong chances of survival,” the park wrote in a news release.

During the winter hibernation, which can last up to half a year, these chubby beauties could lose up to a third of their body mass. So in preparation, they eat almost nonstop to build mass.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, the competition organizers announced the voters’ choice:

Holly was so dedicated to packing it on that park rangers struggled to even get a snap of her out of the water, a park spokesperson told NPR.

“She was a submarine for the entire month. She did not stop fishing, except to dig a belly hole big enough for her to sleep in.”

While Holly won by landslide, it’s worth acknowledging her biggest contenders, the “astonishingly obese” 775 Lefty, who scored just under 4,000 votes:

And femme fatale 128 Grazer, who came in with over 2,000:

But in the colossal conclusion, 435 Holly emerged victorious with more than 18,000 votes for the dramatically different change between her July summer bod to September pre-winter coat. She’s brown, she’s round, she’s crowned:

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