Tucker Carlson on Wednesday described late Fox News founder Roger Ailes, who left the network in 2016 amid a sexual misconduct scandal, as “a great and wise man.”

The controversial host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” who turns 50 on Thursday, was surprised by Fox News colleagues Ed Henry, Brit Hume, and Laura Ingraham for a birthday celebration.

As the quartet reminisced about Carlson’s 10 years at the widely watched conservative network, Carlson admitted to being “afraid” of Ailes when he worked at CNN.

But Ailes ultimately hired Carlson for Fox News and he “wound up loving” him because he was “really a great and wise man,” he explained.

Carlson also revealed how he was coping with giving up tobacco more than a month ago.

“I feel honestly like the contents of my head have been emptied,” he claimed. “I feel like an untethered balloon, floating around, looking down.”

 Check out the clip here:

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